Friday, 9 February 2007

BC/ABC - 9 February

Hello to all back home.
First of all we are all OK. We got a bit buggered by our porters - not as many as agreed and not as much work as we agreed either but instead asking for more money. I had to come back down to Rilong today and put some more pressure that things are working as we discussed. I trust it worked out in the end. Things in China, for those who don't know, have a logic of their own sometimes at odds with ours, especially when doing transactions.

We had the BC in Mulozi. My memory served me badly and the distance between our BC and our proposed ABC is double than I remebered so we had to move our BC, yesterday 5oom or so higher. We hope to have ABC all geared up by tomorrow and jump at the wall on the 11th (or 12th the latest) - one day later than planned.

Over the last three or four days it started snowing a bit in the evenings and mornings but not enough to cause a problem.

Everybody sends their love back home and is thinking about our loved ones. Tommorrow I'll be back in BC/ABC and hopefully will have no reason to come all the way down again (to kick butt or otherwise) till we climbed the rock.


alex said...

thumbs up folks!
seems that you cannot send sms from bc, so gotta wait some days till fresh news will pour in.
cant wait...

Cosmin H. said...

We're glad to have some news, and hope all things will be sorted out without further headache.

There are many eyes checking daily the blog, can tell you for sure, and we all hope you guys will have the best weather and be in a great shape for the final push.

We look forward for your messages from the top of the wall :)

Good luck!
Cosmin H.

Anonymous said...

Hi All,

Good to get news ! So used to have NO news during a month usuall, it is a real luxuary ! So, tomorrow or a day later is the "D" day for you all, good luck, fingers crossed to the top ...

Les, bisous de Gwladys et Vero. On pense à vous. Il a neige ici aussi un peu.