Sunday, 4 February 2007


we are about to leave Chengdu. Yesterday we met Gao Ming of the Sichuan Mountaineering Association and we obtained our permit for the modest sum of 700 USD. I was happily surprised to see entering the room Zhao Kai(followed by a guy filming) whom i met just the weekend before at the Ice Comp in Beijing which he won. We shook hands, posed for the camera and made plans to meet in siguniang where they are headed to make a film about ice climbing in Shuangqiao Gou. Done shopping in carrefour, had a massage and went to bed. Now, at 7am we took off to Rilong where we have to arrive quite early in the afternoon so we are allowed to cross the pass.

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Salut Titou, je fais un essai comme convenu. Bon départ demain pour Rilong et à

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