Thursday, 11 January 2007

The Team

Leslie Fucsko

Prélenfrey, France
38450 Le Gua
45 years old, married, 1 child

Leslie has been climbing for more than 30 years. Born in Romania he learned the ropes at the communist school, then emigrated to Australia and finally settled in France. His travels have always been with keeping the mountains in sight and he graduated from the North faces of the Alps soon after his relocation to France. Leslie is an all-around climber with a penchant for big walls and aid climbing and a passion for travelling to climbing destinations, whatever kind of climbing that might be. He has repeated or opened new routes in the mountains of four different continents.

His sponsors are: Beal, Millet, Ripair, Petzl, Espace Montagne and he is also supported by La Mairie de Grenoble the GHM and the FFME.

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Cosmin Andron

Guangzhou, China
30 years old

Cosmin's website

Cosmin was born in Romania where he began climbing in 1989 in the mountains around his native city in the north-west of Transilvania. In time he extended his explorations into the vertical world visiting most of the climbing areas in the country. Following his move to Ireland and then England he learned to enjoy climbing in the rain and slate and on dodgy gear and, as often as time and finances allowed, visited the Alps, some of the Italian crags and the East coast of the US. In 2004 he decided to move to China with the plan to take advantage of the huge, untapped, alpine potential there. He climbed extensively throughout the country, helped in opening new sport and trad areas and put up alpine and big wall first ascents in Eastern Tibet as well as enjoying the sunny beaches of more tame climbing destinations as Thailand. He enjoys and practices all aspects of climbing (sport, ice, trad, big wall, and alpine) albeit the lure of a good epic, the exposure and grandeur of nature make him to see himself more as an alpinist than anything else. However he still doesn't know how his club-mates (in Romania CS Alternative and in China Open Team) see him, given the fact that he’s either not around or always out of shape and hanging of some bolt…. He works as a teacher in an international school in the city of Guangzhou (Canton).

His sponsors are: Black Diamond, Arcteryx, Blue Ice Adventure Equipment

Ion Neagoe (Nusu)

Brasov, Romania
35 years old, married, 1 child

Nusu was born in 1971 in a city in the heart of the Carpathians, in Romania. He has been climbing for 20 years and he is a certified climbing coach albeit he makes his living from working as an engineer in a telecommunications company. He took part in countless and won many climbing and cross-country and alpine skiing competitions. He is also a ski referee and since December 2006 a member of the board of the National Climbing and Mountaineering Federation of Romania. He feels at home both on ice and rock and has a penchant for long, old and forgotten trad routes while he also authored quite a bunch of lines of his own all over the Carpathians. He is supported by ATTA

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Liviu Neagoe (Mr. G)

Oradea, Romania
26 years old

Liviu has been climbing for eight years. His hit list includes ZugSpitze, Joghsberg in the Alps, Peak Elbrus, Peak Ushba North, Nakra Tau, Kogutay in the Caucasus, ice falls in Romania, Germany, Norway (where he had a go at Vettysfossen, but the ice won that time...) Also he competed in ice climbing events and took part in the 2006 Busteni and Hemsedal IWC stations. He was responsible for new routing at his home crag, Vadul , the West of Transilvania. Liviu is a physician training towards a specialisation in surgery (although last I heard he was paying his bills working on rope access projects...).

Emilian Robert Camerzan (Esposito)

Tileagd, Romania
27 years old

Esposito makes a living working in rope access, which means he’s used at hanging around in belay seats and rigging – at least for the last eight years… He has done his apprenticeship on the walls in Romania and climbed also in Slovakia and ice in Norway as well as taking part in climbing competitions in Romania. He is Liviu's regular partner and co-author of routes at their home-crag, Vadul Crisului.

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Liviu and Esposito are
supported by Sport Expert, Kayland, Echipot, Spelemat, Gotech, Hannah, Solo, and Mountain Expert.


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Anonymous said...
Va tin pumnii.

cip said...

oameni buni ...ii minunat ceea ce v-ati propus ...bafta

Anonymous said...

va tin pumni si sa stiti ca cei de acasa sunt cu gandul la voi.multa bafta si astepam mesaje de la voi. silvia

Antoine Viana said...

Hello to all the team with a special thought for Leslie. I hope you will meet your very beautiful and ambitious goal.

Take care !

A tres bientot en France...


Anonymous said...

Cheers to Leslie from the Martin's family in Prélenfrey. Enjoy your expedition with the team and try to keep enough food for the complete time spent there !

We're waiting for you


Anonymous said...

Emil, sa stii ca semeni f tare cu Christian Bale ( - mai ales in filmele The Prestige(2006), The New World (2005)