Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Working hard in Shuangqiao gou

After we relocated to Shuangqiao gou and we had some more "events" with a haulbag the porters forgot in ABC but counted for the pay (go figure) I managed to climb a WI5+ with Zhao Kai who was there on an ice climbing fest and I withdrew from a WI5 which I hopped on with Nusu due to poor ice conditions. After further thought, calendar consultation and the certitude that with the days Nusu and myself had left will be able to achieve nothing at all we decided to return to Guangzhou- me to arrange folr most of the gear to be sent y train and to tend to some family business long overdue and Nusu to spend last the three days he had left before his departure climbing on the limestone of Yangshuo.

In the meantime Leslie, Liviu and Esposito with two more weeks on their hands (and for Leslie with family visiting in Rilong soon) there was still some time for serious business. After eyeing Potala Peak and deciding against due to the size of the project they settled for a shorter line on a smaller wall, right off the main road in Shuangqiao gou which we noticed while driving there the first day. With no logistics to be sorted out involved and requiring only climbing the boys are hoping to come home with a line in the bag.

In the last message, from today, it seems that they are bivying and that the line doesn't let itself too easily in while the snow seems to keep coming. Fingers crossed and as soon as I have more news about their progress will post it up here.

In the meantime for me the bell calling me to class is ringing....



Anonymous said...

hello, I'm Dreamer, the panflute player, nice to meet all of you at Shuangqiao Gou, hope to see you again!

Anonymous said...

Fingers crossed and as soon as I have more news about their progress will post it up here

No news ?

Cosmin Andron said...

The boys put up a new route in Shuangqiao gou. When I'll have all the details I'll post them up.