Tuesday, 23 January 2007

The Clock is Ticking

Yes indeed! The clock is ticking! Leslie shipped his gear from France and am waiting for it to arrive any day now. Liviu and Esposito are running mad after sponsors and Nusu, … well he’s preparing more quietly but knowing him, I bet very efficiently.

Will be packing in quite a bit of gear so it gives us the freedom to shift between objectives if needs be and to work as independent teams in kaleidoscopic configurations.

I really hope will be having fun and enjoy climbing over there – I always did and hope this turns out to be a pattern.

Leslie will be arriving to Guangzhou on the 31st of January while Liviu and Espo will arrive later the same day. Nusu will e landing to Guangzhou on the 1st of February morning and after some “acclimatisation” to China and its subtropical thrills will be setting off to Chengdu on the 3rd.

I hope will be able to send every now and again reports via sms and have them emailed to the blog.


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Florian Mastacan said...

Keep up the good work and the good spirit. I've just seen Leslie 1 week ago (while he was preparing the climbing gear and logistics) and he was really excited by this expedition and by the fact that all the participants are actually Romanians.

So, take good care of you and win the battle!